MTA customer service ambassadors coming soon to a subway station near you

NEW YORK —Subway riders will soon have access to hundreds of roaming customer service ambassadors.

The 355 workers will give commuters directions, share information on service changes and provide real-time train information, according to a Transport Workers Union Local 100 spokesperson. Many of the new jobs will go to station agents who choose to become customer service ambassadors, a position that comes with a pay raise.

“This is an important agreement that benefits both workers and riders,” Union President Tony Utano said. “Riders will get better customer service and our members will get access to new, better-paying jobs.”

The ambassadors will not be in each of the city’s 472 stations. The MTA will prioritize stations based on ridership, transfers, tourist use and major destinations. Ambassadors will roll out in Grand Central, Times Square, Union Square, Penn Station, Atlantic-Barclay, Main Street Flushing and 149th Street Grand Concourse at first.

It’s part of an overhaul designed to change the MTA’s customer service, said MTA spokesman Jon Weinstein.

“We’re fundamentally changing our approach to customer service in order to give real-time and better information across the system- and that includes significant face-to-face customer service enhancements,”  Weinstein said. “We’re giving our front-line staff more and better information that they can directly convey to riders.”