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West Orange High School marching band marches to the top

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WEST ORANGE, N.J.— Their formations are tight.

Their sounds are in sync.

And their dedication is unmatched.

The West Orange High School marching band is one of the best around.

And you heard right – they’re only in high school…

"What makes it so good?" asked Mr. G.

"We practice a lot."

Led by band director, Lou Kelly, the “Marching Mountaineers” spend hours a week practicing and their weekends are filled with football game half time performances and marching band competitions.

"I conduct the whole band. I’m the senior drum major. That’s a big deal…. I’m kind of a big deal."

Their focus and dedication has certainly paid off. Just by looking at the hundreds of trophies that line their band room lockers.

Most recently, they placed first in their category at the Jefferson Township High School Marching Band competition.

Their principal says they’re the “pride” of their school.

"They’re perennial winners. They don’t stop winning. And that is from the hard work," said Principal Hayden Moore.

"This particular group, when they’re on, there’s no better band around," said Band Director Lou Kelly.

They may have the talent – but it’s the support from their school’s staff and leader that helps take them to this next level.

"We have a motto that we don’t talk about a lot: pride dedication excellence. It's not just about the performance on the field its about being good to each other its about being great people," said Kelly.

I told the kids it’s always been a dream of mine to be part of a marching band, so they let me give it a shot….

"Any shot?" asked Mr. G.

"No shot," said Moore.

"Why" asked G.

"They're perennial winners," said Moore.

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