New Yorkers bundle up for cold temperatures this weekend

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BRYANT PARK, Manhattan — It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas at the Winter Village at Bryant Park but it’s not supposed to feel like late December just two weeks before Thanksgiving.

“It exciting to ice skate when it’s this cold,” Ice skater Ana Marie Rodriguez told PIX11. “Plus it keeps you warm.”

With temperatures in the 20s when they should be in the 50s, two young women from Mexico were trying to warm up with hot chocolate while Luz Rodriguez shivered through this arctic blast missing her home in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

“l have so many layers on,” Luz Rodriguez, missing Puerto Rico, told PIX11.

For 3-year-old Cecilia’s birthday outing at Bryant Park, her father tried to keep her toasty warm with a "Frozen" blanket.

Dad Vincent Nakupta made sure his daughter and son were warm enough.

At the Mrs. Claus Cafe, tourists from Orlando were in a jolly holly mood buying tree ornaments and thinking of their friends back home.

“It’s 80 degrees in Orlando,” Shaf Shaikh, Orlando tourist, told PIX11.

And with temperatures expected to dip even colder for the rest of the weekend, Meg Cohen cashmere hats and scarves were looking mighty tempting as were fluffy alpacas.

“Absolutely perfect weather to be buying a hat like this,” Nicole Resulovic, from Bay Ridge, trying on hats, told PIX11. “l didn’t anticipate the weather would be this cold right now.”

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