Meet the woman behind the Bowery Mural

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Jessica Goldman Srebnick is a born and bred New Yorker.

Growing up in the city that never sleeps, one of the things she learned is the diversity and importance of good art. Couple that with her background in the family real estate business and you have the force behind the beloved “Bowery Mural.”

"Keith Haring the famous street artist painted this wall in 1982 and my family bought this property and we’ve been curating it ever since," Goldman Srebnick said.

Since 2008, Goldman Srebnick has scoured the U.S. and the world for both new and established artists to showcase.

"We’ve had about 20 over time and everyone from Shepherd Ferry, to JR, to Red Bag -- you name it, we’ve had the greatest," she said.

The latest to take command of the wall is Lakwena, a street artist from the United Kingdom.

"Her work is bold and colorful and hopeful and bright and she always uses words in her pieces. We chose 'lift you higher,'" Goldman Srebnick said.

Originally an associate fashion director for Saks Fifth Avenue, Goldman Srebnick joined her father Tony Goldman’s real estate business 20 years ago.

She took over the reins as CEO, after her father died in 2012 and has continued his success in turning decaying urban neighborhoods into artsy enclaves, like SoHo and South Beach.

"We curate a lot of other things, large projects for other people. We did a program on the Wynwood Walls called women on the walls. It was my first year as CEO and I wanted to shine a light on amazing women street artists," she said.

Today, the company is considered the go-to company for revitalizing at-risk neighborhoods.

And Goldman Srebnick has been named one of the top prominent women in Florida, but for this entrepreneur, it’s all about seeing art where others don’t.

"I just hope people think and are inspired. I hope that it makes them smile, it makes the feel good, and it makes them be a better. Not just a better person, but to be a better human being to the rest of the world," she said.