Keeping brave warriors’ legacies alive

Some of those marching in this weekend’s Veteran's Day Parade will do so in honor of the 65th Infantry Honor Task Force, a task force from which only two soldiers are left.

Veteran's Day is this sunday. You can watch the parade live on PIX11 News and streaming on

Volunteers say they don’t want the legacy of these brave warriors forgotten.

The entire regiment made up of its thousands of members were awarded the Congressional Medal of Gold and there will be a special award ceremony for it’s members at this weekend's parade.

For Anthony Mele, photos of what these men achieved and fought for leave the former solider humbled and in awe.

Mele is talking about the Borinqueneers, the 65th infantry regiment made up of mainly Puerto Rican soldiers who fought in hand-to-hand combat with bayonets. Those are the guns with the knives and that’s pretty hard core.

Mele says not only were they brave, they were courageous, the enemy even bowing to them as legend has it during one battle in the Korean War. The soldiers refused to surrender, despite orders, as they fought for days.

During the Korean War, Gen. McArthur acknowledged their fighting one of the best he’s ever seen. They are apart of our U.S. history as much as the soldiers of the Revolutionary War.

Mele says his great grandfather was an original member, that’s why he volunteers his time to talk and teach about these men.

Story written by Kelli O'Hara