Historic election wins for women, LGBT candidates and candidates of color

HOBOKEN, N.J. — Tuesday night yielded sweeping wins for Democrats, but also for candidates from diverse backgrounds.

In Hoboken, Ravi Bhalla said he spent the day taking selfies with residents and expressing his gratitude. He has been elected New Jersey’s first Sikh mayor.

“I think it speaks to the fact that a lot of populations, a lot of communities are not happy with what they’re hearing from Washington and right now what you’re seeing is a reaction to that,” he said.

Bhalla was hit with hate speech during his campaign. A poster labeled him as a terrorist.

He’s not alone. In Edison, New Jersey, two Asian-American school board candidates saw their photos stamped with the label ‘deport’ in bold red type. They also won in last night’s election.

“I hope whoever is responsible is found and held accountable,” said Bhalla. “We are not that type of community.”

Meanwhile, West Haven, Connecticut elected its first female mayor, Nancy Rossi. Melvin Carter will be St. Paul, Minnesota’s first mayor of color. Seattle will likely have its first lesbian mayor first lesbian mayor. And Andrea Jenkins is the first transgender person of color elected to public office. She will sit on the Minneapolis city council.

"Voters around the country rejected the ugly politics we have seen this past year,” tweeted former Vice President Joe Biden. “They chose candidates who unite and inspire us.”

President Donald Trump tried to distance himself from the losing Republican candidate in the Virginia race for Governor, who he endorsed.

"Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for," he tweeted.