Video shows MTA worker dragging, kicking train rider in Brooklyn

KENSINGTON, Brooklyn — Disturbing video captured by a G train rider shows an MTA worker dragging and kicking an apparently drunk passenger.

He apparently first knocked the sleeping man off a seat, according to Claude Harris, the man who filmed the video. The worker pulled a man by his arm down the length of a car at the G train's final stop in Kensington.

"Come on," the MTA worker can be heard saying. "Get off."

He kicked the rider and then pulled off the man's hood as the passenger sat up on the floor of the G train car

Another worker walked up and called out to the MTA worker by the name Jenkins.

"Amigo, over here," he said.

The video ends with the rider walking toward an open door of the car.

"I was shocked and pissed," Harris said. "I'm tired of these types of actions by workers who feel they're in a position to treat us as customers any way they feel."

The employee in the video has been removed from service while the incident is being investigated, said MTA spokesperson Shams Tarek.

"This footage is clearly disturbing," Tarek said.