Power Players: How Joy Mangano became an industry-changing inventor

Joy Mangano is an inventor and entrepreneur known for inventions such as a self-wringing mop.

She has huggable hangers, Miracle Mops, steamers and more in her massive Long Island warehouse. It acts as the distribution hub for Mangano's inventions.

She's racked up over $3 billion in sale, which some find hard to believe given where she started.

"I want from selling four mops at a local hardware store to now," Mangano said.

The Miracle Mop - the original cotton self-wringing mop - was an innovative household solution in the early 90s. It put the struggling, single mom of three on a path to enormous success. Now she holds more than 100 patents.

Her determination to succeed was captured in the 2016 movie, "Joy," starring Jennifer Lawrence.

"If you keep saying 'I’m afraid,' you will never get anywhere," she told PIX11 News. "I say just get started and you don’t have to be good to get started."

She's full of advice for budding entrepreneurs.

"If somebody says no, think about that no. Think about what can I do," Mangano said. "Think about what changes that to a yes."

Mangano helps those entrepreneurs turn ideas into viable businesses through the Joy Mangano Foundation.

She hasn't stopped inventing herself.  The company is launching "something very special in 2018 that’s going to change an industry."

Until then, she's sharing her blueprint to success in a new book, Inventing Joy.

"Success is in many different ways. So this book is really me giving back, answering the secrets because everybody can be successful," she said.