Guadagno urges supporters in NJ to continue fight to lower states’ property taxes

ABERDEEN, N.J. — She lost the gubernatorial election, but she isn't giving up the fight.

After serving as New Jersey’s first lieutenant governor for almost eight years, Lieutenant Governor and Republican candidate for governor Kim Guadagno lost her bid for ggovernor to Democratic candidate Phil Murphy. Her close ties to departing Governor Chris Christie was a major drag on her campaign. Governor Christie will leave office with the most dismal approval rating in state's history, at 14 percent.

Guadagno tried to distance herself from Christie and Donald Trump during the election, but in recent weeks she did borrow from the President’s campaign playbook. She began attacking Phil Murphy for his campaign promise to make New Jersey a sanctuary state.

"We left no stone unturned. And we would not have done anything differently,"  Guadagno told a crowd of supporters in a ballroom at the Addison Park in Aberdeen at around 9:45 p.m. on election night.

Guadagno spoke to Murphy shortly before coming on stage.

“I called Phil Murphy and congratulated him on a fabulous race," she said.

Guadagno primarily waged her campaign on lowering property taxes. At her polling place on Tuesday morning, she told reporters that voters brought this issue up to her repeatedly while on the campaign trail. She felt her campaign was gaining momentum in recent weeks, and the final poll before election day did show the gap between her and Murphy narrowing by 3-points. But Murphy consistently held a 12-point or greater lead over Guadagno in all polls throughout the race.

While the first few counties to report ballots counted did favor Guadagno, major news outlets correctly projected that Murphy would win before the night’s end.