Bronx mom furious after teacher sniffs young son for drugs

THE BRONX — Mom Ariel Gomez has serious questions about the actions of staffers at PS 209 in the Bronx, where her son Ethan Gomez is in the first grade.

“I send him there to learn not to be interrogated,” Gomez told PIX 11 News. “He's been waking up with panic attacks.”

Two weeks ago, her son came home saying an after-school teacher, “asked my son was there drugs used in the home? Was anybody smoking around him? And they sniffed his clothing," Gomez said. "Yes an after school teacher sniffed his clothing.”

Her son was questioned and sniffed in front of other children, Gomez said. The mom told PIX11 there is absolutely no drug use in her home.

"He doesn't even know what drugs are," she said. "He doesn't know what drugs are. He's six."

Ethan hasn’t been back to school  since last week after he was questioned about drugs for a second time, according to the family. The family is now working with Reverend Kevin McCall of the National Action Network.

In a statement, the Department of Education told PIX11 News, “The safety of students and staff always comes first and these allegations have been referred for investigation. We are treating this with the utmost seriousness and will ensure swift follow-up action is taken.”