Anti-Trump, anti-fascism protests take place in New York, around nation

Almost a year after President Donald Trump was elected, New Yorkers and people around the nation who oppose him aren’t backing down.

On Saturday, demonstrators protested Trump and Pence as they marched through the streets of New York City, traveling down to Washington Square Park.

The protests took place as part of a nation-wide anti-fascism protest against the Trump administration, including cities like Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Austin, and Atlanta.

Throughout the year, demonstrations have occurred against the president in forms of rallies, protests, and marches.

Protests have been peaceful, but several pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrations have led to verbal abuse and/or physical violence, leading to multiple injuries, arrests, and the death of a pedestrian in the Charlottesville white nationalist rally.

On the day Trump’s inauguration, violent protests continued in Washington D.C., where police responded with tear gas, pepper spray, and flash grenades in order to disperse crowds.

The day following Trump’s inauguration, more than 500,000 people attended the Women’s March to protest his first full day in office. Protests drew large crowds across the nation and around the world.