Man rescued from Hudson River allegedly stole cab then jumped into water

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NEW YORK — A man rescued from the Hudson River Friday morning allegedly stole a yellow cab before he jumped into the water, police said.

He allegedly stole the yellow cab from 102 North End and drove it three blocks to 22 River Terrace before ditching the vehicle and jumping into the river, according to the NYPD.

It was unclear if police were in pursuit of him. The man, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Charges are expected.

The man was rescued by the crew aboard the ferry Thomas Kean after they saw him jump from a seawall north of the Brookfield Place/Battery Park City ferry terminal, NY Waterway said.

“The crew did an excellent job. They did what they were trained to do,” Capt. Dave Dort said. “For us, this is all in a day’s work.”

Two deckhands -- Gregorio Pages and Pietro Romano -- threw a roll-up ladder known as the Jason's Cradle over the bow of the boat and the man climbed up to safety.

Witness video, embedded above, was captured by Jonathan Otto, @ottojon on Twitter, and shows the man getting rescued by the crew.

This was Dort and Pages' second rescue in as many years, NY Waterway said. Pages was also involved in the rescue of 143 people from Flight 1549, known as the Miracle on the Hudson in January 2009.

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