Howard finally sees subdividing squatter get the boot

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THROGS NECK, the Bronx — Tom and Nancy Feretti finally have their Throgs Neck house back.

We’ve been trying to help them for months.  They rented the place to Francisco Martinez and a former business partner of his.  The partner left.  Francisco never paid rent.  And not only that, he also subdivided the place and rented out rooms on his own.

We were with Tom and Nancy as they battled Francisco in court.  The wily squatter claimed he didn’t speak English but he had a translator and seemed to try to take advantage of every legal maneuver he could to remain in the house as long as possible.

But, finally, the marshal did the formal eviction this Tuesday. Francisco is out. Nancy and Tom can finally fix the place, sell it and move out of New York.

There is one final holdup.  Believe it or not, Francisco is continuing as a nuisance.  He’s suing them! It’s mostly a lot of nonsense but still time consuming and perhaps expensive for them.  But if they file a motion to dismiss maybe Francisco won’t show up.  That wouldn’t be a surprise.

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