Public transportation in New York ranked as best in country by report

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NEW YORK — The subway’s infrastructure has been called ancient by the MTA chairman and a state of emergency was declared this year over the state of the system, but New York City’s public transportation network ranked as the best in the country.

A study from urban-planning company Arcadis ranked cities worldwide and, in a report released Sunday, said New York bested all other cities in North America on the list. It was beaten worldwide by Hong Kong, Paris, London, Tokyo and Beijing, among other cities. New York is actually ranked 23rd overall.

So what makes New York’s transportation system better than others in the U.S. and Canada?

Lines may frequently be down, but they — excepting shutdowns for repairs — operate 24 hours unlike many other public transportation systems that shut down overnight. Service also connects New York City with Long Island and New Jersey.

New York’s spot on the list may be in trouble though.

“It is also a city with a lot to lose if its planned major infrastructure projects are postponed,” according to the report.

The network is under strain from an expanding population, limited space and aging infrastructure. The MTA and Port Authority are working on solutions throughout the city.

“Even with these improvements, New York is still faced with major challenges to ensure its infrastructure reaches the necessary levels,” according to the report. “A continued focus on design-build, private finance and technology are all vital for the future.”

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