Famed Dyker Heights Christmas lights could be in trouble

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DYKER HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — It isn't even Halloween yet, but Christmas may already be in trouble in a Brooklyn neighborhood known for its massive lights display.

Dyker Heights is known for an annual elaborate lighting display.  The popularity has brought some problems to the neighborhood. The area is overrun by people coming to check out the dazzling display.

About 100 people packed the room at a Dyker Heights church Monday night to discuss the display and things got heated while talking about the lights extraveganzea stretching  from 11th to 14th Avenues between 82ng and 86th Streets.

One woman related an instance when a person checking out the lights rang her doorbell at 11 p.m. asking to use the bathroom. She feels frustrated that, during the season, she isn't able to move freely about her neighborhood.

The area becomes congested with tours. Some buses even come through the neighborhood.

"It's a disaster," said one resident. "It's not fun anymore."

To try and get things under control, Community Board 10 recently applied for a permit. But that was turned down by the NYPD.  A permit would bring in additional police and sanitation resources, traffic agents and limit the hours of operations for the displays.

Some Dyker Heights residents are ready to call it quits and stop decorating the area.

"At this point I'm going to decorate inside and I'm not going to decorate outside," one angry person said. "It just doesn't make sense anymore."

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