Southwest Airlines bringing live concerts to flights

A concert at 35,000 feet in the air.

Southwest Airlines plans to expand its effort to bring midair music concerts to select flights.

The airline announced a deal this week with Warner Music Nashville.

Artists on the label will occasionally play for passengers on domestic flights as a part of the “Live at 35 in-air concert series.”

The program, hoping to bring music to the sky, actually began back in 2011.

And over the years, the concerts have really taken off - according the airline -on shorter flights from Oakland to Nashville, Denver to New Orleans, and Austin to Phoenix.

However, the series is only planned for 20 flights a year.

For one of the latest concerts, country artist Devin Dawson, played for passengers going from Nashville to Philadelphia.

Past performers include Andy Grammer, the Barenaked Ladies, and For King & Country.

Dawson said in an interview after the flight that he hopes the concert was fun surprise for flyers and helped them forget their some troubles while they’re traveling.

It is perhaps what some very some fly music can do.