Group allegedly takes responsibility for Theodore Roosevelt statue vandalization

NEW YORK – A group has taken responsibility for splashing paint on the Theodore Roosevelt statue outside the American Museum of Natural History Thursday.

The statue of former president Theodore Roosevelt was vandalized outside the Museum of Natural History Oct. 26, 2017 (Credit: Bill Muller)

The Monument Removal Brigade said what they did wasn’t vandalism, but rather “art.”

“Now the statue is bleeding. We did not make it bleed. It is bloody at its very foundation. This is not an act of vandalism. It is a work of public art and an act of applied art criticism,” they wrote on a Tumblr post.

The group claims they have no intent to “damage a mere statue.”

The statue outside the museum’s Central Park West and 79th Street entrance was found vandalized Thursday morning with blood-red paint splashed on it.

The 10-foot tall statue has been a focal point of protests as it depicts the former president on horseback flanked by an African-American man and an indigenous man.