A Pie Story: From the White House to the slaughterhouse

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You could say it’s apropos that hidden behind a garage-like storefront, across from a cemetery, lies the so-called “Demon Baker of Fleet Street.”

His name is Bill Yosses. A former executive pastry chef who, as he likes to put it, went from the “White House to the Slaughterhouse.”

"I’ve always been a pastry chef in NY. Then in 2006, I got a call from the White House which I thought was a joke of course. And they said we’d like you to come and do a tasting for the president and first lady,” Yosses said.

He made a peach cobbler, which went over well with President George W. Bush and the first lady.  Hired by the Bushes, he stayed on through the Obama administration.

"Its an amazing privilege just be there at all. Both families couldn’t have been nicer," said Yosses.

President Bush liked all kinds of desserts, according to Yosses.  But it was President Obama who famously said he liked pie and even bestowed the nickname of “The Crustmaster” on this proud pastry chef!

“That’s how I got involved in creating so many pie recipes. There’s a lot of guests so I did make other things, but I made a lot of pies," Yosses said.

He was on hand when First Lady Michelle Obama launched her "Let's Move!" initiative and encouraged the White House culinary staff to create more "healthy" meals.

In 2014, he made the “bittersweet” decision to retire from the White House, launching his own "Kitchen Garden Laboratory"  and his own pie shop!

It wasn’t long before the producers of the off-Broadway production of “Sweeney Todd” came knocking on his pie shop door.

​"The producers came to me and said woah would you make pies for our show. I thought is anybody gonna buy my pies if I’m making “human pies?” asked Yosses.

So now Yosses, has gone from serving heads of state to show patrons, eight times a week!

"I saw the original Sweeney in 1979, I’ll date myself. Now 40 years later to be part of this wonderful production."

For Yosses, his biggest “star struck” moment to date – was serving Queen Elizabeth!

"She had asked to meet us chefs, which usually doesn’t happen. The sash, the crown, it was amazing!" reflected Yosses.

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