NY governor returns from hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico

ALBANY, N.Y. — As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo returned from his second relief mission to Puerto Rico, he was surrounded by 25 State police officers and medical personnel returning to New York after two weeks of work helping those suffering through the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

And since his last one-day visit in September, the governor said the living conditions for the people of Puerto Rico, who he reminded everyone are US citizens, are still terrible.

“The situation is still deplorable,” the governor said as he exited the plane. “80 percent of Puerto Rico are still without power, 30 percent are without water. It is still a critical condition.”

The governor announced that through the Empire State clean water fund New York is pledging $1 million to support the purchase of a water filtration system for Puerto Rico.

And Govenor Cuomo was critical of the federal response saying it has been way too slow, but he stopped short of blaming President Trump by name.

“I’m not blaming anyone, the first responders have been working hard,” Governor Cuomo said,” but going without power for 36 day’s is a very long time.”

New York State announced that they’ll be sending 28 additional utility workers to help in restoring power.

The governor said the governor of Puerto Rico may come to New York next week to learn about New York resiliency program after Hurricane Sandy.