Here’s how much time you’ve lost to subway delays

NEW YORK — You aren’t imagining it – your wait for the subway each day has gotten longer in the last five years.

Newly released data from the city’s Independent Budget Office shows passengers as a whole are losing 10,877 more hours each year during morning rush hour delays now than they were in 2012.

Delays have increased on every single line in the city. Hours lost to delays during the morning rush from 7 a.m.–10 a.m. have increased on every subway line by at least 25 percent. Commuters who ride the J, Z, C and 7 have seen the largest increase in delays times.

The lines with the most delays as of May 2017 are the 5 and A trains.

Delays don’t just cost time; they also cost money. They could cost workers and businesses nearly $400 million annually. Nearly 75 percent of commuters were late to work because of subway delays over a three month period in a recent study.

Here’s how delayed your train is: