Test finds most germ-infested objects in NYC, and the results might surprise you

NEW YORK — Everyone knows, or at least we hope they know, subway hold bars are disgusting — but a new study found those poles, grabbed by millions in the city on a daily basis, are far from the germiest objects around.

Men’s Health Editor in Chief Matt Bean went on a mission for “Gross,” a Facebook page in which the magazine reports on all things disgusting, for the germiest thing in NYC.

In a nearly 9 minute video, Bean used a germ counter on six commonly touched objects in NYC: the formerly mentioned subway hold bars, taxi handles, a door knob at Grand Central, LinkNYC kiosk, a Citi Bike handlebar and Starbucks door handle.

Shockingly — at least we assume shockingly — subway hold bars were found to be the least germy of the six items tested.

What had the most germs? Citi Bike handles, which had 45 times more germs than subway hold bars, according to Bean.

These are the items tested, listed from most to least germy (Note: Men’s Health reports anything with a rating higher than 50 should not touch food):

  1. Citi Bike handlebar – 1,512
  2. Starbucks door handle – 1,090
  3. LinkNYC kiosk – 807
  4. Taxi handle – 424
  5. Grand Central door knob – 45
  6. Subway hold bars – 35