`I Can`t Breathe`: New book looks at surprising story behind Eric Garner’s death

Reporter Matt Taibbi, right, wrote the book "I Can't Breathe," about the death of Eric Garner, seen left. (PIX11)

"I can`t breathe" are among the chilling last words of Eric Garner captured on video while an NYPD officer held him in a chokehold.

Garner later died and the officer was not indicted. The story which began on Bay Street in Staten Island sparked protests nationwide. Writer Matt Taibbi gives a an in-depth look at who Eric Garner was. In the book, "I Can`t Breathe," Taibbi returns to Bay Street to interview Garner`s family, friends and rivals.

The book is currently online and in stores.

Taibbi will be appearing at two discussions in the NYC area:

Thursday, Oct. 26
6 -  8:30 p.m.
Random House Big Ideas Night
In conversation with Chris Jackson, Q&A, signing
Location: Random House, 1745 Broadway NY, NY 10019
Tickets: http://www.randomhousebooks.com/event/bigideasnight15/

Wednesday, Nov. 1
7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m

Greenlight Bookstore at St. Joseph’s College
In conversation with Touré, Q&A, signing
Location: St Joseph’s College 245 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
Tickets: http://www.greenlightbookstore.com/event/matt-taibbi-toure