Disabled teen misses school, doctors appointments; blames bad elevators in Bronx building

WOODSTOCK, the Bronx — A 14-year-old disabled girl who uses a mobilized wheelchair feels trapped in her Bronx home.

Mom Rebecca Torres says  the elevators inside the St. Mary Houses are unreliable.

"I'm always thinking to yourself, 'how will I get my child to school today?'  She is late to school almost everyday," says Torres.

Torres daughter, Angie Torelli, says she's stuck.

"The City comes to fix them, then in a few hours, or tomorrow, the elevators will be down again," Torelli says. " I just want a permanent fix."

Other people in the 21-story building are also troubled by the lack of working elevators, Torres said.

A NYCHA spokesperson tells PIX11 News, "Both elevators are currently working. We understand the impact an elevator outage can have on the quality of life for residents, and we must do better to provide the service our residents deserve.”

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