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Actress Bebe Neuwirth keeps inspiring

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She has been a force in our homes since wowing us as Lillith on the hit show "Cheers."

A role Bebe Neuwirth never had on her radar.

"I was doing Sweet Charity on Broadway and I had an offer to do this little part on cheers. They wanted to bring me on as a semi regular and oddly enough it was a really hard decision because all I wanted to do was dance on Broadway," said Neuwirth.

It was her father who said  it would be the right move.

"As usual he spoke the truth , so I honored that and very glad that I did take that job," Neuwirth said.

I got to sit down with the award winning actress at her Greenwich Village home office that’s very New York and filled with artwork, including her own.

"Did you just kind of let your craft take you where you needed to go?" asked Tamsen Fadal.

"I asked for ballet lessons when I was 4 and my parents had me wait until I was 5. And I loved it. I never wanted to do anything beside that," said Neuwirth.

That all changed when she was just 13, after seeing a performance of Bob Fosse’s "Pippin" with Ben Vereen.

"It was too painful to recognize but somewhere inside I knew I was not a ballet dancer. And I left the theater and said ok that’s what I'm going to do. It was a relief in a way because I knew I was not going to be a ballet dancer, but here I had discovered who I was as a dancer, and said oh that ‘s who I am," said Neuwirth.

And this triple threat made that leap and has been living the dream ever since, winning two Tonys, including one for her iconic performance in "Chicago."

Through this journey, she has been inspiring young dancers coming up the ranks.

Right now , she is back in homes starring in the hit "Madame Secretary," and honing her craft as an accomplished potter.