How Monica’s making it happen this week

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Mariah Simmons, 25, says her oldest daughter 7-year-old Camani Simmons saved her life.

"I heard a huge crash and it was the bathroom ceiling falling on my head.  All I remember, I was on the floor and my little girl called 911," said Mariah.

Camani was super girl for Halloween in the past, but this year she plans on being Wonder Woman.

"The bathroom had a crack on top of the ceiling and it was scary.  But I learned what to do in school," said Camani.

PIX11 reached out to Parkash Management.  A spokesperson said, "The first time that Parkash Management learned of the condition of the ceiling was Sunday night when the fire department was summoned to apartment 4C. Unfortunately, Parkash Management had no prior knowledge because the condition had gone unreported by the tenant. Since then, Parkash Management has mobilized a contracting crew that will expedite the needed repairs to the bathroom. During this process, which should take two-to-three days, Parkash Management, at its sole cost and expense, has made arrangements to temporarily relocate the family at a nearby hotel until the repairs are completed. This action is consistent with Parkash Management's deep commitment to providing quality affordable housing to Bronx residents."

Repairs should be complete before Next week.  PIX11 News will stay on this story.

Meanwhile, Bronx mother of five, Sparkle Harris, lives inside the Murphy Houses.  She says she knew something sinister was going on inside her refrigerator so she started videotaping.

"I opened the fridge door and there the rodents were.  Eating my food," said Harris. Harris says rodents are taking over her stove too.  " I can't cook for my children.  It's insane," said Harris.

A New York City Housing Authority Spokesperson tells PIX11 News, "We strive to provide all residents with safe, clean homes, and we can and will do better to achieve that goal. Our staff is replacing the refrigerator and stove today and an exterminator will be there on Friday. Our Family Partnerships team is also providing additional support.”

And it's an exciting but also anxious time for Natalie Monzon from Gerritsen Beach.

For six years, Gonzon she has been trying to get pregnant, she is finally six months pregnant with her first baby boy.

Her doctor ordered her to be on bed rest.  Gonzon says she had to cancel a recent trip to accompany her husband to his best friend's wedding in the Dominica Republic.

"I have been getting no where for weeks, trying to get a refund for my trip from my travel agent.  My husband shorten his trip to be with me, and went alone to the wedding.  It's been so stressful," said Gonzon.

PIX11 News reached out to her travel agency and doctor.  And after two days, her travel agency agreed to give her a refund for her missed trip. Monzon got her refund.

Finally, Kameka Marsh, a Brooklyn mother of three, needed help finishing college.

Pix11 News reached out to LaGuardia Community College and they gave her a scholarship.

She graduated on the Dean's List.

She is the first in her family to graduate college and has a job with the City.

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