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Governor Cuomo announces $17 million in funds housing homeless

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NEW YORK –  Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Wednesday that $17 million in state funding has been awarded to four housing projects in New York City, Erie, Steuben, and Oswego counties.

This is part of Cuomo’s $20 billion Homelessness and Affordable Housing Action Plan, where half of the budget will be used to create 100,000 units of adorable housing and the other half will go to developing permanent supportive housing units, according to the Governor’s office.

Governor Cuomo believes every New Yorker deserves a safe, affordable place and access to services.

“With this funding, we are investing in stronger communities to give members of the family of New York a chance at a better life,” he said.

The following housing projects were awarded funding:

New York City’s Center for Urban Community Services will be awarded $7.7 million, which supports the construction of a new 12-story, 117-unit building in Central Harlem. About 70 apartments will be designated for people who were formerly homeless, and the remaining will go to low-income families and individuals.

Erie County’s Buffalo Federation of Neighborhood Centers will receive $3.4 million of the funds, which will support the development of 84 apartments in Buffalo. Of the 84 apartments, 26 units will be dedicated to homeless individual, ages 55 and over, 14 units will be for senior citizens, and 44 units will be dedicated to low-income families and individuals.

Oswego County’s Oswego County Opportunities will get $3.1 million of the budget, which will be used for construction of 56 permanent housing units. Of the 56 units, 17 will be for homeless people, and 39 will be dedicated to low-income families and individuals.

Steuben County’s Steuben Churchpeople Against Poverty will receive $2.8 million of the funding, where 82 units will be developed for supportive and affordable housing. About 34 of the apartments will be for homeless individuals, and the remaining 48 units will be for low-incoming families.