Dog reunites with family after running away from pet-sitter in Long Island

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LONG ISLAND – Cuddles and hugs were in store for Buddy the dog when he reunited with his family after missing for three weeks.

Buddy, the Beagle-Labrador mix, was under the care of a pet-sitting service, Wag!, when the Humphrey family went on their trip to Disney World back in September, the Daily News reports.

However, the Humphreys’ trip was cut short when they received a call that Buddy escaped from an open door and disappeared.

The family returned to Long Island, and a massive dog hunt took place for about three weeks, with posters placed around neighborhoods, a drone operator was hired, and Humphreys also hired a dog-tracking company from Maine.

Five dogs and two handlers traveled from Maine, got Buddy’s scent, and were on the search, taking them to an area about 2 miles away from their home.

One of dog trackers found Buddy in a preserve at Lakeview Ave and Pittsburgh Ave in Seaford, Long Island, and was collared up before 11 a.m. Oct. 14.

MaryEllen Humphrey recounts the story of their reunion on a Facebook post.

“He knocked me down and was licking me all over. We got him into the minivan, and he attacked the kids with licks and snuggles,” she wrote.

Buddy was taken to the emergency vet where they found out Buddy had lost 8 pounds while missing and had a few cuts and ticks, but the family is glad that Buddy is back home, and MaryEllen Humphrey tells PIX11 News, they have the entire community to thank for Buddy’s return.

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