Howard helps woman in a door jam

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Eula Mae Fagin says she hasn’t got much sleep for weeks now.

The 81-year-old says she’s lived in her Brooklyn apartment for about 50 years, but a couple of months ago a thief broke in and stole her rent money. And her door and door frame were all but destroyed. She’s been putting broomsticks in the door just to hold it up.

“I don’t sleep. I have to sit up. I’m afraid,” she told me. “This couldn’t keep nobody from comin’ in. It just made me feel a little better you know… Can I stop anybody if they come in? No.”

We were alerted to Eula’s dilemma by her neighbor, James Johnson. So I got in touch with the company that owns her building. They told me they’d tried to get the super to fix her door but Eula wouldn’t let him in to do the work.

Anyway, the landlord managed to cut through the problems. Within hours after my phone call to management, Eula’s door was fixed. No more brooms and Eula got a little emotional.

“You guys have been fantastic. I want to cry. Thank you so much!”

Our pleasure, Eula. Our pleasure.

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