Staten Island water main break sends geyser of water into the air

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TODT HILL, Staten Island — Homeowners in Staten Island’s Todt Hill neighborhood are cleaning up after a major Wednesday water main break near Beebe Street and Mohn Place.

“I was sitting here in my chair having coffee and all of a sudden there was a big bang,” explained Rhoda Scudlinsky.

The water main break sprouted in Scudlinsky’s front yard. The water flowed to Felita Russo’s home nearby.

“I called my husband," Russo said. "He was in the shower.  I said what am I going to do?”

Her husband later took a look at the damage to their home.

“All the water came in the front, in the back, I've got water in my basement. So you know there's a lot a damage,” said Frank Russo.

Water service was shut down in the immediate area Wednesday afternoon as city Department of Environmental Protection crews worked on repairs