Howard sees a show of support and a squatter’s last stand

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When we last saw Nina Saria, she was doing great. She was recovering from her lifesaving kidney transplant, working and back at school in her quest to become a nurse.

Her mom who lives in the Republic of Georgia was a perfect match. But the State Dept. wouldn’t give her a visa to save Nina’s life. So we went to Senator Robert Menendez. He sidestepped State and got her mom in on humanitarian parole from Homeland Security.

Last week Nina returned the favor to the senator. He’s on trial on corruption charges in Newark. Nina came by to give her support.

“I had to be here, when I heard about it on the TV,” she told us. “(At) the most difficult time he was there for me. And I think I have to be here for him.”

And we also have the latest on Francisco, the Subdividing Squatter plaguing Tom and Nancy Feretti.

This character lives in their Throgs Neck house, doesn’t pay rent and even subdivided to create new rooms and that he rents out himself.

Last time he was in court, he reached a deal to get out by September 30 without having to pay back rent. But just like most other squatters, he’s milking the system and doing his best to make fools of the judges and the Feretti’s.

He didn’t leave. Then he got an order preventing his scheduled eviction on October 11. He’ll be back in court on October 20.

We’ll let you know if the judge has finally had enough of Francisco’s shenanigans.