Exclusive: Yankees legend Jorge Posada, wife bring much-needed aid to Puerto Rico

PUERTO RICO — Yankees legend Jorge Posada and his wife Laura are teaming up to bring much-needed relief to Puerto Rico as the island begins its journey to recovery after being ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

After the hurricane hit, the Posadas' Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund reached its goal of raising $50,000 in less than 16 hours late last month and have kept going ever since. They're now up to over $340,000.

They've also sent numerous planes full of supplies to the devastated island and have helped dozens of sick patients get to the mainland for medical treatment.

When asked if Puerto Rico will ever get back to where it once was, less than a month ago, Jorge Posada replied:

“It’s going to take time. It’s going to take people to work at it. We need funds to try help a little bit, but it’s going to be prettier than ever.”

Both Posadas have family on the Island, including Laura's father who has struggled to keep his insulin cool as the majority of Puerto Rico is still without power.

“Thank God I was in the position that I was able to help my family, but what about the other people that are sick, and need chemotherapy, or dialysis, or insulin, or whatever. These people need help too," she told PIX11.

In addition to gathering donations, part of the Posadas' efforts has included five relief missions to date.

PIX11 traveled with the Posadas as they chartered two planes full of supplies, distributed the items door-to-door, then filled those planes with people who needed to get off the island.

But not everyone who needed to leave were able to. Among them was a desperate mother and her child, who had a feeding tube and needed oxygen.

Despite two full planes, the Posadas say they managed to help the baby off the island.

“It is another day. That was a tougher day, because we were desperate, because a kid, you know, obviously he can’t talk. He can’t express the pain that obviously he was going through.”

Next on PIX11's exclusive series, airing the morning of Wednesday, Oct. 18, see those impacted by the devastating hurricane reunited with family.