‘Baby Jessica’ was rescued 30 years ago this week

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MIDLAND, Texas — The week, the country is remembering the rescue of Baby Jessica.

Thirty years ago, the nation held it collective breath while Jessica McClure was trapped in a well in Midland, Texas and a desperate rescue effort was undertaken.

She was just 18 months old when she fell 22 feet below ground into the well where she spent 58 hours . First responders had to drill their way down to get her out.

At 8 p.m. on Oct. 16, 1987, networks were offering live coverage as a paramedic pulled Baby Jessica from the shaft.

Now Jessica McClure Morales, she is 31  and married with two children of her own.

She still deals with reminders of her ordeal, People reports. A forehead scar from the experience can barely be seen now, and her right foot is smaller than her left after it had to be surgically reconstructed because of injuries sustained during her time in the well.

Earlier in her life, she coped with bullying because of her brief time as "Baby Jessica."

"There were a few times I was picked on specifically for being ‘Baby Jessica,’ ” she told People in March. “I had a kid that called me ‘well-dweller’ for a good couple of years."

In 2011, when she turned 25, McClure was able to tap an $800,000 trust fund from money donated to her as a child, the Daily Mail reported.

She still lives around Midland and is a special-education teacher’s aide at a local elementary school.

She told People this year, “I had God on my side that day. My life is a miracle.”