Artist who placed urinating dog statue near ‘Fearless Girl’ struck by No. 6 train: report

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MANHATTAN – The man who was hit and killed by a subway train has been identified as the artist who placed a statue of a urinating dog next to the Wall Street’s “Fearless Girl” statue.

Alex Gardega, 48, was struck by a downtown No. 6 train at 77th street on Oct. 12.

The train’s motorman, James Munoz, told the Daily News the train was about 100 feet away from the station when the emergency brake kicked in.


Munoz told the Daily News that Gardega was likely on the tracks when he was struck.

The body was recovered from under the train, said police.

Gardega put his statue of the “Pissing Pug” next to the “Fearless Girl” statue to protest the art.

During an interview with PIX11, Gardega said the girl’s presence in front of Charging Bull, he said, is like putting something in front of Michelangelo’s “David.”


“I’m bringing attention that the girl should not be invading the space of that bull,” Gardega said. “It’s not some artistic statement.”

Gardega planned to leave his dog statue next to “Fearless Girl” but removed it shortly after when people began throwing and kicking the sculpture.

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