Dine-and-dash duo targets new restaurant on the Lower East Side

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MANHATTAN — Look at this video of a the pair of dine and dashers.

You see mostly just the bigger one in a yellow T-shirt and man bun.

They’d ordered roti pancakes and chicken dumplings and a couple of shots of Soju. When the bartender stepped away at Nom Wah Tu, so did this pair, right out the door without paying their bill.

“I actually saw them leave and I had this feeling,” Sophie Maarleveld, Nom Wah Tu General Manager, told PIX11. “Then I thought maybe they are just going out for a smoke. But then the bartender went out to look for them.”

Since surveillance cameras caught the pair at the bar, dining and dashing, Nom Wah tu’s general manager decided to post the video on Instagram with a warning to other businesses in the area to watch out for this dastardly duo.

“I hope they’ve seen the video and feel ashamed,” Maarleveld told PIX11.

Nom Wah Tu is only four weeks old, part of a chain of dim sum restaurants whose goal is to keep prices down and to be a real neighborhood hangout. So while the pair skipped out only a $35 tab, it hurts even more.

“We do our best at the restaurant to serve our guests, to be there for them,” Jonathan Wu, Nom Wah Tu’s co-owner told PIX11. “It was so disappointing, a slap in the face.”