Woman’s cell number listed online as company contact

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Nyquela Fields has been spending a lot of time on her cell phone lately.  Way too much time.  It seems her personal cell number somehow wound up being listed on Google searches as the contact number for a big company’s supposed Brooklyn office.  Sometimes it was even listed as the company’s headquarters.  Nyquela says she was getting hundreds of wrong number calls every week.

The company is Postmates.  It’s kind of an Uber for packages.  People sign up in various cities to pick up and deliver them.  Nyquela made some money doing some driving for Postmates.  So the company had her phone number.  She figured she could solve the problem by telling the company about it. But easier said than done.

Good luck getting hold of anyone.  These days web-based companies tend to shun telephone contact. And Nyquela’s emails only received form-letter like responses.  So she contacted us.

We met her at the address that Google listed as Postmates’ Brooklyn headquarters.  It was a playground.  While we there she got another call for Postmates, which she politely explained was not at her number!

When I got back to the TV station, I tried calling numbers listed for Postmates’ San Francisco headquarters.  None of them was in operation.  It turns out Postmates has gone exclusively to the web and an APP for communication.

So I emailed a company rep.  That, thankfully, was effective.  She soon got back to us and told us she had no idea about the problem.  But she’d look into it.

In the meantime, something happened.  Within hours of contacting Postmates, somehow Nyquela’s number stopped appearing in Google searches for the company.  We don’t know how that happened.  And, it turns out, neither does Postmates.

The company did send us an email:

"We are sorry she (Nyquela) had this experience, but this was never a Postmates office number — nor was it listed on our site or on our app.  Additionally, we have no record of any of our customers reporting this to us but we are glad that it has been taken care of."

We’re glad it’s over. And so is Nyquela. The problem is over.  But the mystery of exactly what happened lingers.