Famous climber, Hayden Kennedy, kills himself after girlfriend dies in avalanche

BOZEMAN, Mont. — A famous mountain climber is dead after surviving an avalanche that killed his girlfriend, according to the Associated Press.

Hayden Kennedy, 27, took his own life on Sunday.

Just one day before, he was skiing with his girlfriend Inge Perkins, 23, in at Imp Peak in Bozeman, Montana.

They set off an avalanche, according to the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office. And Perkins, a trained climber and ski mountaineer, was killed after she was buried three feet under the snow. The avalanche was 150 feet by 300 feet, police said.

Kennedy was considered to be one of world’s greatest alpinists. He was partially buried, but managed to dig himself out to look for his girlfriend. When his search failed, he hiked away from the mountain.

Rescue crews found Perkin’s body at the base of the mountain days later on October 9th, Michael Kennedy, Hayden’s father, said in a statement.

“Hayden survived the avalanche but not the unbearable loss of his partner in life. He chose to end his life. Myself and his mother Julie sorrowfully respect his decision,” Michael Kennedy also said.

Kennedy had recently moved to the area to pursue becoming an EMT. Perkins was studying mathematics and education at Montana State University.

He climbed Cerro Torre of Patagonia in South America in 2012. Kennedy’s family is remembering him as an “uncensored soul whose accomplishments as a mountaineer were always secondary to his deep friendships and mindfulness”.

Kennedy and Perkin’s deaths shocked the climbing world. The shoe company SCARPA posted on Facebook, “These two young adventurers inspired us all to push our limits and most importantly, have fun doing it.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.