Student caught with fake gun at Queens high school: police

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QUEENS — A fake gun set off a real emergency response at a school in Queens Tuesday, police said.

A call came in shortly before 8 a.m. about a possibly deadly weapon found on a student at Grover Cleveland High School, police said.

A scanning machine set off the alert and led officials to find the device, which was deemed to be an imitation pistol, police said. The student, a 16-year-old boy, has been issued a summons.

A spokeswoman for the city’s Department of Education said students and staff are safe and families are being notified.

“Weapons have absolutely no place in our schools. Our security protocols helped to recover this fake gun quickly,” the spokeswoman said.

The discovery comes after a 13-year-old was taken into custody for allegedly bringing an unloaded gun to school in the Bronx, and an 18-year-old allegedly stabbed a classmate to death at a separate school in the Bronx.

In both cases, metal detectors were not present in the schools.

The NYPD said the number of weapons in schools has increased nearly 50 percent in a year and has been trending upward for several years.