NJ officer rescues passengers from burning SUV

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Sergeant First Class James Mitchell rescued a couple from a burning car. (NJSP)

NEW JERSEY — A New Jersey State Police sergeant on his way to work rescued a couple from a burning car Tuesday morning, officials said.

Sergeant First Class James Mitchell was in his car when a Nissan Pathfinder crashed into a concrete barrier on the highway. The SUV was quickly engulfed in flames.

Mitchell pulled over and ran up to the blazing SUV, a police spokesperson said. The driver was trying to remove his seatbelt. Mitchell helped him out of the SUV and led him to safety.

The officer hurried back to the SUV after the driver told Mitchell his wife was still inside, police said. She was struggling to get out. Her feet were caught under the dashboard.

Mitchell grabbed the woman and was able to pull her out of the SUV through the window. She was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and is currently in stable condition.