Kayaker speaks from hospital bed after being stranded for 17 hours in LI

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LONG ISLAND SOUND — A kayaker whose boat capsized in the Long Island Sound and became stranded for 17 hours spoke to PIX11 from his hospital bed Tuesday.

Michael Diaz, 56, went fishing Saturday morning, but failed to return home.

His boat capsized, and he became stranded for some 17 hours until rescuers located him.

Speaking from his hospital bed Tuesday, hopeful it would be his last day confined to the room's white walls, Diaz said he attempted to swim to the beach but was unable because of the tide.

Diaz managed to cling to the rocks surrounding a lighthouse, where he said he knew rescuers would look.

When asked if he would kayak ever again, a jolly Diaz said because his kayak sank, this season is out of the question.

However, he thinks he’s learned lessons he can apply in the future.

“I would love to go back in there. It’s a great sport. Can’t let something like this set you back,” he said.