Sheepshead Bay residents upset with neighbor they say gets their legally parked cars towed

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SHEEPSHEAD BAY, Brooklyn — Longtime resident Mina Suarez is leading the charge against her neighbor who, she says, got her car towed even though it was legally parked.

“My car was towed by this person. He said I blocked his driveway and it’s not true,” Suarez told PIX11.

She showed  PIX11 how she says she parked her car legally in a spot on Brown Street in Sheepshead Bay but because she says her neighbor doesn’t like anyone to park in this legal spot, he even put a sign up on his property saying so, he got her car towed.

Suarez says she never received a New York City parking ticket and she had to pay $136 to get her car back.

“I went to the precinct, they looked up vin number and they said no ticket,” Suarez told PIX11.

Other neighbors have similar tales of parking woes.

Tracey Lei Parked her car in a similar spot and she got both a $95 parking ticket and a $136 towing fee after spending hours trying to find her car.

"I call police 3-1-1, 9-1-1,” Lei told PIX11. “Finally I called eight tow companies to find [my] car.”

Other neighbors on the block spoke off camera about vandalized tires and smashed car windows and they all blame the man who lives in this corner home at 2978 Avenue T, who  denied all the accusations from his neighbors, but also refused to give his name.

"You listen to that crazy lady? She always block me," the neighbor told PIX11

“How would he like to have his car towed for no reason,” Suarez asked rhetorically. “Let it be done to you. Are you untouchable?”

When PIX11 spoke to the NYPD about the parking problems on this particular block, a police spokeswoman said it is always a good idea to file a complaint with 3-1-1 if you feel you have been unfairly towed.

The police spokeswoman also said people who feel they have been unfairly towed should get in touch with the Department of Consumer Affairs.