How Monica’s making it happen this week

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Councilman Jimmy Vacca says his office has been flooded with complaints for months that 12 buildings, part of the Pelham Parkway Houses, have been without hot water.

"People are angry. They have had enough," Vacca said.

The city has put in temporary mobile boilers to fix the problems, but families said they are not reliable.

"Give us hot water, please," said Iris Nieves, begged a long time resident.

A NYCHA spokesperson told PIX11 News"

"Our residents deserve better, and we are urgently working on a permanent repair. We just finalized a plan to invest over $30 million to fully repair the permanent boilers and provide our residents with the improved quality of life they deserve."

PIX11 News will stay on this story until it's fixed.

Meanwhile, Sam Hollins is one angry dad. He's also the Parent Association president at P.S. 140.

Hollins says his two children who attend the school have been eating a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

"We haven't had gas since May. We are getting a hundred calls a day," said Hopkins.

A spokesperson for Con Edison tells us this:

"Con Edison turned off gas in May due to leaks on a valve. In these instances, we turn gas back on once the customer makes repairs and everything passes inspection and testing. The DOE should have more information."

A spokesperson for the Department of Education tells us this:

"We are working diligently with Con Edison to address this issue – we have made the necessary repairs and expect gas to be fully restored to the building by Friday. We are continuing to provide students with daily healthy lunch options, including hot meals several times a week."

Parents say they were told the gas would now be turned on Tuesday.

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Minister Linda Watts, 61, is losing her home, and doesn't know where she will live.

"I need a housing miracle. I have to be out by Oct. 31, with my three kids. Trick-or-treat. I have nowhere to go," said Minister Watts.

Minister Watts just got custody of her three grandchildren but is losing her home.

Watts was given an eviction notice by her 86-year-old landlord, who is selling the brownstone to move to Atlanta.

Minister Watts preaches at Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church on Decatur street in Brooklyn.

PIX11 News reached out to several city agencies and her congregation. PIX11 News will stay on this story.

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