‘The Taco Mile’: Runners in Brooklyn raise money for Mexico earthquake victims

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RED HOOK, Brooklyn — In Brooklyn Wednesday night, the community came together to raise money for earthquake victims in a most unusual way.

The "Taco Mile fundraiser for Mexico" took place at the track and field section of Red Hook Recreational Area.

Dozens took part in the race.

You must eat a taco before running each lap — 4 laps — one mile total.

In Mexico Wednesday, the search for victims officially ended as rescue workers recovered the body of the last person known to be missing beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings.

The death toll stands at 369. Since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake shook Mexico on September 19, there's been widespread devastation in the weeks following. It is the deadliest tremor to hit that country in decades.

There has been an outpouring of support, much of it grass roots, a community effort like here tonight.

Brooklyn resident Harry Neuhaus competes as a triathlete for Mexico. He has family in Mexico City which was hard hit by the earthquake.

"I talked to them. Thank God everyone is ok but a lot of people are homeless more than anything else. I have a lot of family, friends who are volunteering. The question is how are we gonna rebuild people's homes," asked Neuhaus.

All proceeds, including every runner's $30 application fee, goes to Topos Mexico, a non-profit in Mexico that's helping with relief efforts.

Popular Soho restaurant La Esquina donated the tacos for "the dine and dash."

"The money we're gonna raise is more than I can write a check for so I figure let's do something to support a good cause and have a little fun in the process," said Jonathan Cane with City Coach, organizer or the event.

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has estimated the damage caused by the earthquake to be over $2 billion. About $1,000 was raised from the Taco Mile this evening.

Of course, the money raised on this track tonight isn't anywhere near that, but every penny counts.