Scientists say extreme storms will be ‘new normal’: UN chief

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UNITED NATIONS — U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is heading to the hurricane-battered Caribbean, where he says scientists predict the extreme storms of this year’s hurricane season “will be the new normal of a warming world.”

Category 5 Hurricane Irma devastated Barbuda, while Hurricanes Harvey and Irma marked the first time two Category 4 storms made landfall on the United States mainland in the same year. Hurricane Maria followed, decimating Dominica and severely impacting Puerto Rico.

Guterres said Wednesday that “scientists are learning more and more about the links between climate change and extreme weather.”

Guterres said the world has “the tools, the technologies and the wealth to address climate change, but we must show more determination.”

Here’s a look at the devestation caused by Hurricane Maria: