News Closeup: NYC mayoral race and Trump’s tax plan

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The NYC mayoral election is less than six weeks away and even though Mayor Bill de Blasio is predicted to win, one candidate wants voters to know if elected he would be one tough mayor.

Bo Dietl was unsuccessful at getting the Democrats or Republicans to allow him into the mayoral primary. Now, he’s making an uphill independent bid for office.

Dietl sits down with Marvin Scott for a discussion about the issues facing the city, how he feels the current mayor has failed New Yorkers and what he would do differently.

This week, President Donald Trump unveiled his vision for tax reform. The proposal calls for sweeping tax cuts and a simplification of the very complicated tax code.

The president claims the changes will greatly benefit the middle class. But will they?

Marvin Scott breaks it all down with Martin Davidoff, CPA and founder of Davidoff and Associates.

And thousands of Polish Americans will step out on Fifth Avenue on Sunday, Oct. 1, to celebrate their heritage. They will salute General Casimir Pulaski in the annual Pulaski Day Parade. It’s the third-oldest parade in the country and this year marks its 80th anniversary.

Tomaczek Bednarek is a singer, songwriter and producer. He joins Marvin Scott to talk about a special concert taking place in Central Park after the parade, all in celebration of Polish-American heritage.