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New York state troopers, volunteers travel to Puerto Rico for hurricane relief efforts

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QUEENS – Devastated and desperate. That's the situation for millions of people in Puerto Rico.

"This is no way to live, really. They should bring us water and other supplies because the kids keep asking," said Maria Rosario, a victim of Hurricane Maria.

Many residents are still without power and many others don't have basic necessities.

State troopers boarded a Delta plane Sept. 29 for their Hurricane Relief mission in Puerto Rico.

“You can't get in there overnight. You know you've got to either get in there by boat or you got to get there by plane," said Florida Governor Rick Scott.

FEMA officials said they have handed out almost one million meals so far, but thousands of packages haven't been delivered yet, stuck on the island's largest port, because of a lack of drivers and vehicle fuel.

"The frustration of knowing that maybe right now, right now, there's a person in need of medicine. That right now, babies, children, don't have a bottle of water. And it's here. It's in Puerto Rico,” saidJose Ayala, vice president of Crowley Shipping.

On Thursday, the White House authorized a temporary waiver of the Jones Act, which will allow more ships to bring supplies to the island.
As for recovery efforts, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers vows to rebuild Puerto Rico's infrastructure, and area hospitals are attending to the sick and injured.

"We have to triage patients and we have to triage logistical needs and we have to prioritize their delivery so we can make sure we sustain lives in an achievable bite-size way," said Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert.

Royal Caribbean also evacuated thousands off the island Thursday night.

The ship will pick up others stranded in the Caribbean before docking in Florida next week.

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