Security tightened after fatal Bronx school stabbing

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WEST FARMS, Bronx – The morning after a deadly stabbing at a Bronx public school, students from Pre-k to high school will be subject to much tighter security.

Abel Cedeno was taken into custody after he allegedly stabbed two of his classmates in the Bronx

Anger and emotions spilled out after a 15-year-old was killed in history class Wednesday morning.

“They pushed Abel too far. Abel was a kid who was made fun of in school, they pushed him too far,” said one student in tears.

As Abel Cedeno was led out of the 48th Precinct in handcuffs, the teenage suspect told PIX11 he couldn’t take being bullied anymore.

The 18-year-old lashed out at his alleged tormentors, stabbing 15-year-old Matthew McCree to death.

Another 16-year-old was also cut with the 3-inch switchblade.

Cedeno then walked to the principal’s office and surrendered himself.

Some students will feel safe because when classes start resume, they will go through metal detectors and be subject to random screenings.

Unlike other schools, the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation did not have screenings prior to the stabbing.

Mayor de Blasio spoke to the press after the incident Wednesday afternoon, discussing the importance of child safety.

“My message to all parents is that you should know how intensely the NYPD works everyday, including everyone at school safety and everyone at the Department of Education to protect our children.”

The mayor will be at the Bronx public school Thursday morning as students are dropped off the first time since students scrambled out to safety.

Matthew McCree, 15, to was stabbed to death in a Bronx school on Sept. 27, 2017. (Facebook)

He will talk with staff and guidance counselors. Grief counselors will also be available.

The last time there was an in-school murder was 25 years ago.

In 2016, there were two reported assaults at the school.

An annual survey said 33% of the school’s teachers didn’t think school safety agents were doing enough to make things safe for students and teachers.

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