Bronx school holds meeting with parents 1 day after fatal stabbing

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THE BRONX — Parents headed to the Bronx school building Thursday night where a student was fatally stabbed the day before to meet with teachers.

The parents, concerned over students' safety, were met by a beefed-up police presence at the parent-teacher conferences. School staff is now facing the challenge of addressing bullying and student violence.

Uneek Valentin, whose son Dwhy is a senior at the Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation, sent his mom a terrifying farewell text Wednesday.

"Mom if you don’t hear from me today, i just want to say i love you," the text said.

Dwhy did not witness the double stabbing of two students during Wednesday’s history class. But he was scared during the subsequent school lockdown, even as Abel Cedeno was taken into custody.

NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told reporters Cedeno snapped after suffering through two weeks of bullying by the two students he’s accused of stabbing with a 3- inch switchblade he brought to school.

Wednesday was the first time Cedeno had a problem with those two boys, Boyce said.

Dwhy says bullying was problem at the school long before Wednesday’s violence. His mom, concerned for her son, says she wants less talk from the city and more action.

"Easing my pain would be letting me know that you have spoken to the kids and you're doing anti-bullying, and you have counseling people" Valentin said.  "That's how you ease my pain - not by telling me 'we'll have a meeting today.'"