Jury selection begins for accused Chelsea bomber

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NEW YORK – Jury selection begins Wednesday in the trial of Ahmad Khan Rahimi.

Rahimi was arrested last year for his alleged involvement in the Chelsea bombings, two in New Jersey, and the attempted murder of a police officer after he opened fire during his arrest.

Video surveillance placed Rahimi at the scene of the Chelsea pressure cooker explosion that injured 31 people, including one woman who was struck by wood and glass.

Fingerprints also linked him to the attacks, including another pressure cooker in Chelsea that did not detonate.

Prosecutors allege in their complaint that the Afghan-born U.S. citizen was motivated by extremist Islamic ideology and was inspired by Osama Bin Laden. Police say Rahimi bought bomb-making equipment off eBay and made pipe bombs in his backyard prior to the attacks.

There is no exact date as to when the trial will begin, and jury selection could take several days.

Rahimi faces multiple mandatory life sentences in his charges.

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