Gilgo Beach serial murder case has constellation of players

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MILLER PLACE, NY — Attorney John Ray brought PIX11 to a row of large storage sheds in the back lot of his law office in Miller Place, Long Island. He showed us stacks of boxes with legal files.

"About 30 of these have to do with Gilgo and Shannan Gilbert," Ray told PIX11

Ray was retained more than six years ago by the family of Shannan Gilbert, an escort who was missing for a year and a half before her remains turned up in an Oak Beach marsh in 2011.

The initial police search for Shannan Gilbert in December 2010 revealed the bodies of four women wrapped in burlap and buried in the bramble of Ocean Parkway in the adjacent town of Gilgo Beach. Within four months, ten sets of remains would be discovered, including those of a toddler and a cross-dressing man.

The case of the elusive Long Island Serial Killer, known by the acronym LISK, has burst into the headlines again, after Suffolk County prosecutor Robert Biancavilla said a Manorville carpenter could be tied to at least one of the murders in Gilgo.

John Bittrolff was recently sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for the early 90s beating and murders of two sex workers. He's been tied to a third killing.

In all three cases, from late 1993 to early 1994, the murdered women were posed in sexual positions and their left shoe was missing.

The Gilgo/Oak Beach cases involve sex workers.

John Ray isn't convinced that John Bittrolff is LISK, but he's investigating whether Bittrolff had ties to Oak Beach, where drug-infused sex parties were allegedly held.

"There's a constellation of players that seem to be connected to these girls and each other," John Ray said.