Doctors operate on LI toddler after he runs into traffic, gets hit by truck

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DEER PARK, NY — A busy, six-lane roadway gave a reminder that sometimes little children can get into big danger despite a parents' best efforts to prevent it.

Around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday, a three year-old boy darted out onto Deer Park Avenue from the parking lot of a funeral home at the corner of Grand Boulevard while his mother was tending to the boy's baby sibling for a moment.

The boy ran into the closest lane of traffic, colliding with an equipment trailer that was being towed by a landscaping truck.

The truck driver, who had a crew of four workers with him, stopped almost immediately and remained at the scene.  He was visibly shaken by what had happened.  So were his co-workers.

"I feel terrible," said Ivan Kemp, who'd been driving a companion truck in front of the one that was involved in the collision.  "I wish it had never happened."

"Just to be clear, it was the trailer that the kid ran into, not the truck," Kemp said.  "So we were already past, so there was nothing we could do.  That's the sad thing about it."

The preliminary police assessment basically concludes the same thing -- that it was an accident, and a bloody, dangerous one at that.

The boy is listed in serious condition, according to the Suffolk County Police Department.  No charges related to the crash have been filed.